Documentary - The Statues of San Agustin, Colombia

Here it is, the documentary i shot while in San Agustin, Colombia last year, 2006. With great help from guide Luis "polyglot" Salazar I put together this 6 minute video in which Luis de-mystifies some of the mysteries surrounding the statues, their origins and meanings. I hope you like it, please comment if you like this video. Thanks for watching!

2 more pictures from San Agustin

Here are two more closeup pictures of the mysterious statues of San Agustin, Colombia. Video documentary of the statues in Parque Arqueologico coming up soon!

The statues of San Agustin, Colombia

Here are some pictures of the mysterious and amazing statues of San Agustin, Colombia. I was fortunate enough to meet an experienced multi-lingual (poly-glot) guide, Luis Salazar who was kind enough to show me around the "Parque Arqueologico" and talk about the statues and their meanings. Were they linked to the mayans or possibly even ufos or extraterrestrials as Erik Von Daniken once stated? One thing is known- the race who created these statues vanished before the spaniards arrived in South America over 500 years ago.
Stay tuned for the short documentary!


The Statues of San Agustin

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